PCFS goes to Busan!


On November 29, 2011, governments, donors, civil society organizations and other stakeholders gatherPCFS Busan Civil Society Forum Announcement to discuss aid and development effectiveness in Busan, South Korea. The gathering in particular will be an evaluation of the 2008 Accra principles and mapping out of succeeding efforts in aid advocacy and development work under a post-Busan scenario. To date, a total of over 2,000 participants are expected to participate in this activity that will be a critical turning point especially for CSOs which have arduously worked for their due space and recognition in the aid and development effectiveness discourse over the years.


Prior to HLF IV proper, the Busan Civil Society Forum (BCSF) will be held from November 26 to 28 in preparation mainly for CSOs’ engagement in the actual forum. As in previous aid high level fora from Paris to Accra and now in Busan, agriculture despite being a key growth driver especially in many developing countries is absent in the main agenda.


Key ARD issues include massive large-scale foreign land acquisitions, food crisis, food price volatility, continued control of agro-chemical corporations over rural communities, among others, vis-a-vis aid policies that negate small-scale food producer’s need for an enabling environment that would give them access and control over land, aquatic and other resources.

In Busan, the available avenues to advance agriculture and development effectiveness are through a session on ARD till being worked during the BCSF. For the HLF IV, the People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS) has secured an e-poster and a mini-debate on the issue of multi-stakeholder governance in ARD empowering CSOs under the Knowledge and Innovation Space (KIS) events.

For PCFS, the main challenge lies in making ARD part of the established set of building blocks and thematic sessions. The main message is that ARD is a vital sector of the development discourse that must be reflected in general policy recommendations of the forum.


1. To advance agriculture and rural development in the aid and development discourse by highlighting the recommendations of the aid effectiveness country consultations in Asia and Africa;

2. To project PCFS as a viable ARD CSO that has held country consultations in development effectiveness and is capable of conducting related research, education and advocacy initiatives; and

3. To establish initial linkages with related CSOs, potential donors and other multi-stakeholders for a post-Busan scenario that places more premium on ARD and would contribute to advancing PCFS’ advocacies.

For more information about PCFS’ activities and participation in Busan Civil Society Forum and High Level Forum 4, please contact secretariat(AT)foodsov.org.